• Kate Langley

Who needs green fingers?

Over the months we have been here we have tried to record the changes in the garden - the rate of growth in the first few months has been stunning. We have been delighted by the ever unfolding array of different blooms - there was some clever planting done many years ago, so there has rarely been a period without flowers. Right now we are pretty parched - no rain for weeks and an early autumn seems to be upon us. Fortunately, despite a hosepipe ban, our amazing ancient underground (under the house) cisterns have meant we can keep the pool garden and our terrace alive and I'm hoping we may actually get a few more weeks of roses soon.

The pictures below start in March, not long after we arrived - note the distinct lack of growth around the gates. We subsequently had wisteria, roses and a trumpet vine and have had to remove many barrow loads of greenery!

Now the task ahead is to crop and lop - and learn the art of pollarding.

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