• Kate Langley

Mosaic madness

Debate is raging locally over the future of stunning Roman mosaics found in Uzès last year. Sadly it may be some time before visitors to the Gard / Uzès get to see them.

Found when works started on new school buildings in the centre of town, the mosaics are the first confirmation that this was the site of the Roman town of Uzetia - mentioned in an inscription in Nimes but never precisely located. The huge mosaics cover an area of 100m² and feature animals and birds in perfect detail. It is thought this was a significant public building. Romans first settled in the area back in the late 2nd century BC; there are remains across the region, most notably the Pont du Gard and Arena at Nimes.

The mosaics have now been lifted and moved to Nimes for conservation, but there is a very active campaign to have them returned to Uzès as soon as possible. Those who want them returned 'in situ' will be disappointed as work has already gone ahead with the new buildings, but there are discussions in hand to build a new purpose built visitor centre in the town which will house the mosaics and an exhibition. There are a few who are afraid they may never make it back to Uzès at all. Let's hope that's not the case. Hopefully visitors to our gites north of Uzès will soon be able to add them to their itinerary of ancient Roman monuments.

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