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Autumn winds

Autumn is definitely here - and how beautiful it is. The landscape is burnished gold and yellow and just as we'd hoped the sun continues to shine. So though the Mistral may be blowing cold it's still bright and cheerful. The drought has finally ended - which is both good and bad news. Good for the land but not quite so much fun for us.

It's the perfect time for walking and exploring so we have been out and about a bit. Up to the cevennes where we were blown away by the scenery. A real variety from alpine views, to plateau meadows, tumbling streams and chestnut forests. It was gorgeous and we're now planning an overnight trip.

Cycling from Uzès to the Pont du Gard, with a guided tour of the top of the famous aqueduct. Then a cycle back to Argilliers for lunch at the lovely Restaurant de Chardonnay. Plenty of local hikes too right from the mas - the plains around Lussan are a joy with the vines still - just - robed in leaves of red, gold and yellow. The air is fresh, sometimes very fresh , but it makes for much easier walking than the hots days of summer.

The markets are less busy than summer, and the change of seasons is also noticeable in the changing array of veg available! Less of the tomatoes and courgettes, more of the pumpkin. Great for warming soups.

Back at the mas we are busy clearing the gardens. The rate of growth was just spectacular over summer, despite the lack of water so we are now trimming, hacking, cutting chopping and mulching. Next up is the restoration of the old potager and we hope next spring to be harvesting our own vegetable. Our most recent 'harvest' was a mini crop of olives - now happily cured and delicious to eat. Our own herbs of course added to the pot!

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