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Black Diamonds

January saw truffle season kick off in the Gard with the famous and very busy Uzès truffle market attracting buyers and sellers from around the world - including well known chefs scouting for the black diamonds for their restaurants. A market in the Place aux Herbes, complete with truffle hunting demonstration, soirees with wine tasting and formal dinners in the Bishop's Palace .

My own contribution to truffle season? A very simple scrambled egg and truffle recipe, known as Brouillade. Give it a try. If you can't find truffles, you know where to book your next holoiday....

Serves 6


12 very Fresh Organic Eggs 30g (1.1 oz) Fresh Truffles Salt and Pepper 28g(1 oz) heavy cream


Slice the truffles.

  1. Beat the eggs incorporating the slices of truffle. Add salt and pepper

  2. Prepare a double boiler (a pot of water with slightly smaller bowl inside – the bowl should not be submerged in the water), over medium heat.

  3. Use a whisk and cook the Scrabbled eggs on the double boiler, mix from time to time and as soon as the eggs are cooked, add the heavy cream, whisk and serve immediately.

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